What to Expect at Your Appointment

Initial Appointment

Your initial appointment will include a comprehensive intake that evaluates your constitution as a whole, while also delving deeper into your chief complaint. Intake questions range from information about your digestion to your daily sleep patterns and more. When treating physical pain, Mason will commonly preform orthopedic testing and functional movement screenings to help pinpoint areas of injury and dysfunction.

After your intake Mason will work with you to create a personally tailored treatment plan. She has a wide range of treatment tools available to her and is happy to dedicate the time necessary to ensure that each patient receives the best course of treatment to target their specific needs. Mason’s main goal is to empower clients to help themselves feel better outside of the treatment room with mobility and corrective exercises.

Typical Appointment Structure

Mason's unique treatment approach combines acupuncture, massage, and injury recovery planning. She generally begins with massage to the area of pain, locating musculature that needs to be worked on, followed by the placement of needles. The acupuncture will address both local pain and whole body constitution imbalances. After the needles are removed, additional therapeutic modalities such as cupping, gua sha, KT tape, foam rolling, and resistance band work may be used in order to further address physical symptoms.